Bacon is a trip I never sought out.

I was initially a vegan. Then transitioned to vegetarian and then a pescatarian for 8 years or so. I initially went vegan for health reasons. My body was revolting and my 20-year-old self knew it was fast food and soda that were the culprits.

But I never really got into cooking. I just knew what I didn’t want to eat.

Two or so years ago I got fed up with the status of the food I was cooking. Everything was frozen vegan meals or haphazard dinners that were uninspiring. So I decided to try the meat path again to see if I could reinvigorate my cooking approach.

Today I eat bacon more than most.

I use bacon fat rendered from cooking it in my cast iron. It took a couple tries but I have discovered my favorite way to consume bacon and all other food.

I eat nutrient dense food that will assist my gut flora, be fun to cook, and delicious to eat. I am a curious cook and loving it. In recent yearsI have tried my hand at Paleo and currently a version of AIP. More about that here.

Hope you enjoy the following video of the various ways I prepare bacon. If you have any questions or comments please write them below or contact me here. A write out of the recipe is below that you can print.

Thank you & chat soon





Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour

Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Yield: 8

Best bacon ever on a cast iron


  • Bacon*
  • Bacon Fat


  1. Place cast iron on burner. Add 3 tablespoons of bacon fat [I have used coconut oil in a pinch before].
  2. Turn heat to medium.
  3. Let heat up. After 3-4 min test a slice of bacon on the pan. If you hear the sizzle sound then you are good.
  4. Place 4 or 5 slices on the cast iron. Do not crowd to much.
  5. Patiently wait 3-4 min before using tongs to flip the slices.
  6. Cook until desired doneness. I prefer them crunchy and chewy.


Try to purchase thick sliced bacon so it does not burn as fast. Smithfields is a great option. *For those on the elimination stage of AIP: Beware of sneaky nightshades. Purchase uncured no sugar bacon






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